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2018 Word Explosion Conference - What Happens when God Visits

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOD VISITS by Reverend Blankson Habakkuk 1:1-4 God visits for several reasons. Two major reasons are to bring judgement or to impart a blessing. Habakkuk was a prophet who had a burden for the nation of Israel. Habakkuk had a burden to see justice in his nation. Habakkuk prayed and cried to see transformation in his nation but things never seemed to change. God seemed to have remained silent. Why God Remains Silent: (i)To bring us to a place of maturity. There are certain blessings God will not give you until you are mature in character. James 1:2,3 tells us that the trying of our faith produces perseverance which in turn leads to maturity. (ii)To bring us to an appointed time. Psalm 105:19. Joseph faced trials and temptations but God was always with him until he brought him to his appointed time. (iii)To bring His glory to full manifestation. John 9:1, John 11. The delay was to bring forth God's glory. God responded to Habakkuk by showing him how things would unfold - Habakkuk 1:5.

2018 Word Explosion Conference - A Season of Divine Visitation

Word Explosion Conference Opening session by Bishop Imakando Text: Genesis 1:1- 4, Hosea 12:13 A SEASON OF DIVINE VISITATION God has seasons of visitations. God’s visitation is God intervening in a situation. What happens when God Visits? -When God visits there is always divine intervention -When God visits there is always divine lifting -When God visits there is always taking over -When God visits there is manifestation of joy. Reasons for God's visitation 1. Because of the promises we have received. 2. Because it’s the set time to favor you. -When God favors you what was impossible becomes possible. 3. Because of the prophetic season we are in. -We are in the season of Taking Over. God's visitations are always preceded by his word. Psalm 117:20 Men of God are instruments of divine visitation -God works through men Hosea 12:13 -God's answer to the needs of his people is a Prophet or an Apostle who carries the word of God. We are in a season of visitation don't miss your visitation.

Prophetic 2018 Word Explosion Conference

The prophetic 2018 Word Explosion Conference has started with thousands in attendance from across Zambia and beyond.

Bishop Joe Imakando opened the conference with prayer and a message titled, 'A Season of Divine Visitation' -   Genesis 1:1-3, Hosea 12:13. 

Bishop Imakando's 40th Ministry Anniversary

We celebrate a legacy that has transformed destines.
Happy 40th Ministry Anniversary to our Father in the Lord, Bishop Joe Imakando.

Church Evangelism

Answering the call of Bringing Tens of Thousands into the Kingdom.

2018 Theme: ‘The Year of Taking Over - Joshua 1:3

Verse. 3: ‘I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses’.

We were at a level of being lifted; we have now entered a level of taking over. God had given a promise of land to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. These people were given land of Canaan. In life’s journey, move to the direction of your dream. Do not stop until you embrace your dream.

God has given Bread of Life Church and you as an individual many promises. Time has now come for you to possess your possessions. Like the children of Israel, you have to fight for it, there are giants and opposition, it will require faith and sacrifice on our part. But the good news is that God is on our side. We shall take over and step into our inheritance of blessings.

1. The significance of the year of Taking Over
It’s a year of entering Canaan and fulfilling our dreams. We are now in a season of taking over. One thing that is constant is change. Change brings new ideas and progress. We have entered a session of transition. Taking over speaks of changing for the better in order to promote and take to you to another higher level.

2. Nature of this take over
The children of Israel were promised land filled with milk and honey; this is a representation of the fulfillment of their dreams and goals. Canaan is a place where God is saying, I will bless you.
2018, will be characterized new beginnings, the land of Canaan represented prosperity. God will usher you into prosperity you have just dreamt about.

3. Steps of taking over
God has prepared something good but someone may be sitting on your blessing. You may face opposition because your blessing is in the enemy’s territory.

How do you take over?
- Step out by faith in God
- Walk in obedience to God
- Be willing to fight the good fight of faith. Mathew 11:12
- Persist – do not give up easily
- Sow dangerous seeds for your breakthrough
- Practice the law of separation by cutting off association and anything else that may not have worked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one become a Member of BLCI?
To start with, one has to give his or her life to the Lord that is to be born again. After this, one has to through a foundation class which basically aims at grounding the newly born again believer to the basic Christian principles. On completion, of the foundation class one goes through the waters of baptism after which one qualifies to be a member of Bread of Life Church International and will then be encouraged to join one of the many ministries the church has.
What organization is BLCI Affiliated to?
Bread of Life Church is affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, which fellowship was established in 1964 for the purpose of providing fellowship among the evangelical missionaries serving in Zambia.
When was Bread of Life Church founded?
Bread of Life Church International was founded on 13th September 1992 with a vision of bringing thousands into the kingdom of God. The church, then located on plot 136 Chinyunyu road in Emmasdale had a congregation of 120.
Who is the Presiding Bishop of BLCI?
Bishop Imakando is currently the Presiding Bishop of Bread of life Church International. He also happens to be the founder of Bread of Life Church in August 1992, when while in Lagos Nigeria God gave him the vision that led to the birth of Bread of life Church International.

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