Blessing Centre Updates

Flags for various countries at the Blessing Centre -  the nations where the branch churches are present


VIP Lounge


Main auditorium with balcony

Main auditorium



Youth Hall



Staff canteen


Lights have been installed surrounding the fence


The Blessing Centre - The flags and entrance to the main auditorium

The main entrance to the church building

The Blessing Centre - Arial view showing exterior painting almost complete

 The Blessing Centre - at the entrance from Vubu road in Emmasdale. Lighting up the gate and exterior painting is almost completed.



Blessing Centre Updates

Due to an increase in the number of people, the church has embarked on building the Blessing Centre complex that will house over 12,000 people in the main auditorium. It will stand to be the largest single auditorium in the Nation of Zambia.
The Truss with a span of 32metres and weighing 10 tons being hoisted up by a 50 ton crane to its fitting place.

The work at the Blessing Centre site has reached a very advanced stage as the first truss over the pulpit area was laid on Wednesday 21st April 2010. The truss is a staggering 10 tons and has a span of 32 meters. It took a 50 ton crane to hoist it, with this truss now on the Blessing Centre it has signified the start of the roofing stage.

Left: Elder Anderson Malumo (Project Manager), gave an update on the current activities at the Blessing Centre.

Two main types of works have been undertaken, the first one being:

1. Steel fabrications
A truss for the pulpit area and has been fabricated and installed successfully.
Six major trusses have been made and lifted. A ring to hold the trusses is being fabricated. Fabrication of 36 trusses for the area around the auditorium has commenced of which 12 have already been made.

2. Concrete Works
The ring beams around the Auditorium will soon be completed; the main entrance concrete slab has been done.

The project has been funded by the local church and other well wishers mainly from within Zambia.



Left: Bishop Joe and Pastor Bernadette Imakando

We believe that in our life time, God has entrusted us with a project to build Him a House of worship, a structure that will reflect His beauty and glory.
The facility by the grace of God will influence and impact the nation of Zambia and beyond. It will be a training ground for a new breed of Christians and leaders. In addition it will be a place to feed the multitudes with the word of God, the ark of salvation, a store house for the needy, a healing balm for the sick, a house of prayer, a counseling centre for the hurting and broken hearted.

By the grace of God the building project has passed the half way stage. We are almost there, having completed the foundation, the first floor slab concrete and the columns.

God is inviting you to partner with Him to build the Blessing Centre. By so doing God is giving you an opportunity to be blessed.
I believe when you sow in this fertile ground, God will build your life, marriage, employment, business, ministry, education and finances.

God is no man’s debtor, when you take care of His business, He will take care of your business. God is giving you an opportunity to be blessed. Go for it, be a part of what God is doing in Zambia. Sow a seed and reap a harvest. By so doing you will be investing in the kingdom of God. Mathew 6:19-21.

Over the past ten years to date, the membership of Bread of Life Church International (BLCI) has grown exponentially from time to time in order to accommodate the increasing membership.

In view of the rapid growth, it became necessary for the church to acquire a larger extent of land for the purpose of constructing a building with a greater capacity that can accommodate the growing numbers.
It was desired that the new church building be a multi-purpose facility that would meet the functional and operational requirements of church members with diverse social and spiritual needs that will extend to the benefits of the general community.

As a result, the church purchased a 5 acre plot of land in Emmasdale situated at the corner of Vubu and Lumumba Road and construction works are in progress.

It has been planned that the development should be undertaken and completed within 16 months to enable the church move into the new premises.

Whilst the church could have financed the project in full, it is necessary however, to avoid a prolonged construction period which may result in cost overruns and congestion of the current premises which have become inadequate to accommodate the growth in membership.

Once the building is constructed, beneficiaries will emanate from all social levels of our society such as individuals and groups of people or communities, private and public organizations and non-governmental organizations. Further, it is expected that benefits of this infrastructure, will also be expected to the local municipality and the government in general.

Your giving to the building project will greatly accelerate it implementation and physical completion. BLCI is therefore asking for your financial support so that together we can complete a multi-purpose building complex which is currently under construction.

Your giving to this building project will bless others and you in turn will be blessed beyond measures.

The church history

Bread of Life Church International (BLCI) was born from a prophetic word on 13th September 1992 from a small Baptist Church with 120 members situated at plot number Chinyunyu Road in Emmasdale, Zambia.
The prophetic word ‘Iam giving you thousands, you will possess the land and feed the people with the Bread of life’ was later transformed to ‘Bringing thousands into the Kingdom’ which was in line with the church’s vision.

The prophetic word has proved to be the power of God behind Bishop Imakando’s work as the church keeps on growing rapidly over the years from 120 to 9,500 members, whose composition includes people of different classes.

The church cuts across different cultures, creed and colour embracing nationalities from various countries in line with its international status.

To date, the church has established 85 mission churches in Zambia with 4 based in foreign countries. Apart from that, Bread of Life also runs a weekly television ministry called ‘Hour of Blessing’.

Bread of Life is also composed of various ministries, Primary and Basic Schools, School of ministry etc.
The Blessing Centre Complex
Auditorium, Special events Halls, Business Centre, Chapel, Day Care and Primary School, Administrative Offices, Radio and TV Studios, School of Ministry, Gymnasium, Restaurant, Clinic etc.

God richly bless you as you faithfully give!

Blessing Centre Update January 2012

Bread of Life Church International would like to thank you all for making the dream of the Blessing Centre a reality. The head office shifted to the Blessing Centre in Emmasdale from the town office on Monday 13th January 2012.

Consequently, all church services on Sunday will be held at the Blessing Centre:

First Service 07:00hrs - 09:00hrs

Second Service 09:15 - 11:00hrs

Youth Service 11:15 - 13:00hrs

Evening Service 16.00hrs - 19.00hrs

Mid Week Service (Wednesday) 17.30 - 19.30hrs

To God be the glory



 The main auditorium

 Office Partitions

Administration Wing
 Church auditorium - outside view

 Main Entrance


Blessing Centre Update August

 An expert from China fixing window frames


Frequently Asked Questions

How can one become a Member of BLCI?
To start with, one has to give his or her life to the Lord that is to be born again. After this, one has to through a foundation class which basically aims at grounding the newly born again believer to the basic Christian principles. On completion, of the foundation class one goes through the waters of baptism after which one qualifies to be a member of Bread of Life Church International and will then be encouraged to join one of the many ministries the church has.
What organization is BLCI Affiliated to?
Bread of Life Church is affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, which fellowship was established in 1964 for the purpose of providing fellowship among the evangelical missionaries serving in Zambia.
When was Bread of Life Church founded?
Bread of Life Church International was founded on 13th September 1992 with a vision of bringing thousands into the kingdom of God. The church, then located on plot 136 Chinyunyu road in Emmasdale had a congregation of 120.
Who is the Presiding Bishop of BLCI?
Bishop Imakando is currently the Presiding Bishop of Bread of life Church International. He also happens to be the founder of Bread of Life Church in August 1992, when while in Lagos Nigeria God gave him the vision that led to the birth of Bread of life Church International.

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