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Bishop Ordains Two Pastors

Bread of Life Church International has the vision of “Bringing thousands into the Kingdom and feeding them with the bread of life”. The church has been experiencing unprecedented growth, in order to handle such great numbers, there is need for a strong pastoral team which is able to rise to the occasion and provide spiritual and physical leadership. It is in this regard that Bishop Joe Imakando ordained two pastors and a lay pastor during the Three Days of Power Conference.

The two pastors are Pastor Humphrey Botha of Katete church and Pastor Chilekwa Daka from Lundazi. Gilbert J Lungu a teacher by profession was consecrated as lay pastor to spearhead the work at Nyangu branch in Sinda District. The three were ordained before the congregation with Bishop Imakando leading them in vows assisted by the provincial overseer Pastor Peter Lungu.
 Pastor P Lungu
 Pastor H Botha Pastor C Daka
 Lay Pastor J Lungu
The event took place during the three days of power conference in Chipata which took place from 15th to 18th April 2011.

 Bishop Imakando leading the Pastors during the ordination service



Bishop Officially Opens New Church Building at Lusaka West Bread of Life

Bishop Joe Imakando Unveils the New Church Building

It was a joyous afternoon for Lusaka West Bread of Life branch church, when Bishop Joe Imakando officially opened and consecrated the new church building on Sunday 12th August 2012.

Bishop Ministers to Ridgeway Students

Bishop Joe Imakando on Thursday 14th August 2009 was at University of Zambia Ridgeway campus ministering to medical students and others from Lusaka School of Nursing.

Bishop Ministers to medical Students at Ridgeway Campus

Bishop Joe Imakando was on Thursday 5th August 2010 at University of Zambia Ridgeway Campus to minister to the medical and nursing school students. This was during the 'Two Days of Power Conference' hosted by Bread of Life Church, Youth and Student Ministry Pastor Oscar Mumba and the Ridgeway Campus Fellowship.

The  Bishop takes special interest in students at institutes of higher learning as they are the future leaders. It’s with a deep passion that he always makes time to minister to them.

  (Above) Bishop Joe Imakando Preaching at UNZA Ridgeway Campus
                 (Above) Pastor Oscar Mumba

He preached a life changing sermon entitled “The power of rejection” from Judges 11v1-8 (the story of Jephthah ) Who went through rejection because he was a child born out of wedlock and according to Jewish culture he was an outcast, an embarrassment to his siblings.

Rejection is common to all: School, Business, family and social life

In the Bible, people like Moses, Joseph and even Jesus were all rejected at one time or another.

There is power in rejection:
Jephthah discovered that man could not define him. Jephthah had a negative background: He had a different mother and was born out of wedlock because of this his brothers rejected him. He was rejected because his brothers were embarrassed of him

When people are rejected they:

  • Usually never forgive the people who rejected them
  • Would want to revenge
  • Nurse grudge

How do you respond to rejection?

  • Forgive them
  • Pray for them
  • Don’t revenge (vengeance belongs to God)

The Power of Rejection

  • The place of rejection became the place of acceptance
  • The place of rejection became a place of discovery. Jephthah discovered his leadership qualities.
  • It became a place of preparation
  • The place of rejection became the place of revelation
  • It became a place of reigning
  • The purpose of God was fulfilled

 Jephthahs coming back

  • He left in shame but came back in honour
  • Left in the cover of darkness he came back in broad day light
  • He was born to be leader

No man can define you; your background can not define you and what you will become in life.

 (Above) UNZA Ridgeway Bread of Life Fellowship praise team    (Above) Bishop Imakando praying for  a student
When closing the Bishop took time to pray for them, breaking the spirit of rejection in their lives.

Bishop Leads The Clergy in Mourning Frederick Chiluba

Bread of life church presiding Bishop Joe Imakando, who is also EFZ (Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia) Chairperson on Sunday 26th June led members of the Clergy in paying their last respect to the late Second Republican President Dr. Frederick TJ Chiluba at Mulungushi Conference Centre were the body of the late former head of state was laying in state. He passed on in the early hours of Saturday 18th June.

(Above) Pastor Amoni, the General Secretary of EFZ flanked by Bishop Joe Imakando and other men of God praying for late second republican President FJT Chiluba
 (Above) Bishop Joe Imakando viewing the body of the late former president
Bishop Imakando answering questions from Journalists at Mulungushi Conference Centre after he viewed the body of the late former President

On Monday 27th June Bishop joined the Clergy comprising of Chaplains from Defence forces, Christian Council of Zambia, Evangelical Fellowship, Zambia Episcopal Conference and others in the funeral service of the late president. Bishop led in intercession for the family at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Dr. Chiluba was  an advocate for multiparty democracy, ruled Zambia for 10 years from 1991 to 2001, during his reign he declared Zambia a Christian nation and liberalised the economy.Thousands of people including Mr. Rupiah Banda the current President of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda the first president, others included the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila, Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tshwangirai and former Tanzania head of state Benjamin Mukapa to mention but a few. And people from all walks of life came to pay their respect to the former head of state.

Doctor Chiluba's death is a loss to the whole nation, it has lost a man who stood for what he believed in and proclaimed the name of the Lord in the land inspite of his high office.

Bishop Launches Blci Bournemouth, UK

Bishop Joe Imakando launched a Bread of Life Church International branch in Bournemouth, United Kingdom in the month of September 2012.

The local pastor is Morris Chibamba.

Bishop Imakando at Blci Bournemouth church

Bishop Imakando (l), with Pastor Chibamba


The church address is Talbot View Community Hall

Alder Road


BH12 4AY

And email address:

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The resident Pastor's Contact numbers are:

Pastor Morris 07737088934

Sister Grace 07878056158


Frequently Asked Questions

How can one become a Member of BLCI?
To start with, one has to give his or her life to the Lord that is to be born again. After this, one has to through a foundation class which basically aims at grounding the newly born again believer to the basic Christian principles. On completion, of the foundation class one goes through the waters of baptism after which one qualifies to be a member of Bread of Life Church International and will then be encouraged to join one of the many ministries the church has.
What organization is BLCI Affiliated to?
Bread of Life Church is affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, which fellowship was established in 1964 for the purpose of providing fellowship among the evangelical missionaries serving in Zambia.
When was Bread of Life Church founded?
Bread of Life Church International was founded on 13th September 1992 with a vision of bringing thousands into the kingdom of God. The church, then located on plot 136 Chinyunyu road in Emmasdale had a congregation of 120.
Who is the Presiding Bishop of BLCI?
Bishop Imakando is currently the Presiding Bishop of Bread of life Church International. He also happens to be the founder of Bread of Life Church in August 1992, when while in Lagos Nigeria God gave him the vision that led to the birth of Bread of life Church International.

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