Emmasdale Three Days of Power Conference

Emmasdale Three Days of PowerBishop Joe Imakando on the 19th to 21st of November 2010 hosted the first ever Three Days of Power Conference at Emmasdale church in Lusaka, Zambia. He has been holding such conferences in all the provinces through out the country and abroad.

Like the other conferences the Lusaka conference was power packed. From the first day the level of anticipation was high in the people as thousands thronged into the church and filled it to capacity. A tent was erected outside the church building with a TV screen to handle the over spill, which also got filled up, such that others had to stand.

All the branch churches in Lusaka were in attendance led by their respective Pastors and leaders. The expectation in the people for the touch of God was very high. with open hearts they came to receive from God.

Bishop preached and taught life changing messages that unleashed the people into fruitfulness. Sermons like you are Carrying Destiny from Genesis 25:21. An account of Isaac when he (Isaac) prayed for his wife Rebekah because she was barren and she later conceived.

The bible has examples of women who were barren but later had children and their children were men of destiny sent of God. Women like Sarah, Elizabeth and Hannah who had Isaac, John the Baptist and Samuel respectively.

Sometimes our barrenness leads to Gods manifestation in our life in this year of fruitfulness God has the desire to bless us he wants us to be fruitful.

The last day of the conference was an anointing service Bishop preached a sermon entitled: Restoration on the Third Day from Hosea 6:1-2. A call to repentance and Gods restoration upon his people Israel, if you will turn away from your wicked ways turn back to God he will restore you and restore all you have lost.

Towards the end of the service Bishop anointed the entire congregation with oil (a symbol of Gods anointing) later he prayed and ministered to them. Many fell under the power of God, after receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit, others were set free from demonic oppression and many more gave their lives to the Lord.

(Above) Bishop Imakando praying for the anointing oil before anointing the people

Bishop Imakando ministering to many that were under the power of God

Many gave their lives to the Lord during the conference.

Above Bishop Imakando leading them in a prayer of confession.

The Three days of power conference in Emmasdale Lusaka was a time of restoration for many, restoration in ministry, business, academic, marriages, relationships and other areas of life.

The year 2010 will go down in the history of Bread of Life Church International as a turning point for Emmasdale church as many peoples lives were touched by God through the ministry of the father of the house who after touring the other branches came home to hold the first Three days of Power conference at the main church.

EFZ Prayer Rally

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) on Sunday 17th July 2011 organised a Prayer Rally for the nation. It was one of the programs laid down under the national peace building initiative that EFZ is currently working doing.The rally was held at Woodlands stadium in Lusaka, similar praying prayers were conducted through out the country at designated places. It was attended by Senior Clergy, Christians from member churches and affiliate organisations.

Bishop Joe Imakando who is the Chairperson of EFZ gave a key note message entitled, "The call to pray for the nation, 1Timothy 2:1". The Bishop mentioned that in this election year, there is need to pray for our nation. Prayer moves the hand of God and shape destinies. We have come to lift out voices to God so that there will be peaceful, free and fair elections. Paul says we need to pray for all people. It is a duty of every christian to pray for peaceful elections in Zambia.

Reasons for praying for all people:

  • You influence the quality of life
  • People are limited in power
  • If we do not pray their decisions will affect us

Power of praying for all people

  • Those in authority will be saved and look to God
  • All men will fear God and live honest lives

Bishop Imakando sharing God's word during the Prayer Rally

Some of the people at the prayer rally standing listening to the exhortation from Bishop Imakando

We are in an election year hence the need for us to be united as a church to pray for the nation and the electoral process. Paul in 1Timothy 2:1 instructs us to pray, he admonishes young Timothy to organise prayer meetings, the same is expected from the church in Zambia. We are to pray because it’s our duty to do so. Prayer averts calamity, when we pray we allow God to intervene. We need to pray for those in leadership positions.

Prayer is a powerful tool, when we pray for those in authority they get connected to God and make Godly decisions.

Earlier EFZ Director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza thanked everyone who had come for the prayer rally. He emphasised the need for prayer especially that this is an election year. He also outlined the need to stand and pray to ensure peace continues to reign in Zambia.

EFZ Executive Director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza


Various senior clergy later led the meeting in praying for specific prayer items concerning the nation and the forth coming election.

The prayer points:

  • Transparency in the electorate
  • Fair and accurate media reporting - to help people make informed decisions
  • Security personnel
  • Campaign materials - should be based on the development of the nation
  • Large turn out on the day of voting
  • Pray against malpractice
  • Refuse blood shed
  • Pray for development in our nation - our natural resources

*For detailed prayer points, kindly contact Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia

Bishops, Reverends and Pastors praying

The choir

Prayer of agreement

Hundreds participated

Bishop Edgar Ng'ambi leading in prayer
Bishop Imakando (second, left) with other senior clergy praying



Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) chairperson Bishop Joe Imakando led a delegation of Bishops, Reverends and Pastors to Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka to pray and give consolation during the viewing of President Michael Sata’s body on Tuesday 5th November 2014.


EFZ Mourns President Micheal C. Sata

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) chairperson Bishop Joe Imakando led a delegation of Bishops, Reverends, Pastors and Christian organizations at Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka to pray and give consolation during the viewing of President Michael Sata’s body on Tuesday 5th November 2014.

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