Monday, 22 October 2012 13:38

School of Ministry Enrollment

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Enrollments for 2013 intake are currently taking place at the Blessing Centre, corner of vubu and Lumumba roads in Emmasdale.

For applications, write to the Principal, School of Ministry Bread of Life Church, P.O. Box 37486, Lusaka.

Telephone 260 211 244490, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Deadline: December 2012


Note: kindly include your contact details when applying!



Wednesday, 07 September 2011 11:58

School of Ministry 13th Graduation

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Bread of life church International on Sunday 4th September 2011 held the 13th School of ministry graduation were 21 students graduated. This was after under going 1 year training. The School prepares men and women for effective work and ministry in the Lords vineyard, as it equips and makes them able leaders.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Presiding Bishop Joe Imakando (above), preached a message entitled, 'Growing into your ministry', Psalm 78:70-72. The Bishop emphasized that the graduating students should be faithful, how?

  • Accept your present calling. Do not despise the small beginnings.
  • Be diligent in your calling
  • Faithfulness leads to increased opportunities. God will test you with the little to see how faithful you will be. If not it will be taken away, Luke 16.10-12. If you are faithful God will promote you. You need to love people, be compassionate and touch them will it work well. Draw strength from God, failure to be faithful will delay your progress.
God is looking for people who are FAT = Faithful, Available and Teachable, concluded the Bishop.

This year’s graduation was held during the Word Explosion Conference. Bishop Joe Imakando was on hand to give certificates to the graduating students. Lewis Mumbi (above) scoped the best student award.


And School of ministry Principal Reverend Teddy Kamfwa (above) thanked God for grace that He has put on the School of ministry over the years. In accordance with the great commission of preaching the gospel to all men making them disciples, School has been an effective tool in the building of a strong and vibrant church as it seeks to uphold the word of God and prepare effective leaders.

So far 180 students have graduated from the school of ministry and are serving in various capacities in the church and throughout the country. However,  the school faces a few challenges as it lack a library to enable students do adequate research and classes are only held twice a week in the evening. The good news is that the Blessing Centre is setting up a residential school with all necessary facilities that will bring an increase in attendance and quality of the school.


Mrs Mbuzi (l)

Before she joined the school of Ministry she didn’t know how to effectively minister and preach the word of God, after the school of ministry she now has an understanding of how to go about the work of God, she has ministered too many effectively.

Other students who used to leave tasks unfinished learned to finish them on time and they are now able leaders.  

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 15:00

School of Intercession 11th Graduation

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Bread of Life Church Intercession ministry led by Pastor Edgar Mulungushi on Sunday 27th September held a graduation ceremony for the School of Intercession. A total of 34 prayer warriors graduated after undergoing intensive training for one year.

Sunday, 02 November 2008 17:07

Responding to a Leader’s Death

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Deuteronomy 34:5-12, Joshua 1:1-3
Following the storm that Zambia had passed through after the death of Republican President Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa SC. In this sermon Bishop Imakando encouraged us with a prophetic word of hope and uplift that God was going to give another great leader to the nation of Zambia.
“When Moses died, he was replaced by Joshua.
Moses took the children of Israel out of Egypt, and when he died, God appointed Joshua to usher them into the promised land. Each phase of development has a new leader. It is a point of transition. We may have lost our President, but God has already prepared a replacement.
God will raise another great leader to take us to another level. There is a Joshua generation preparing to take over the reigns of power in Zambia. As we mourn let us mourn as those with hope. Let us be comforted that the late president Mwanawasa is with the Lord.
Let us celebrate his life because he was a gift to Zambia. People of God don’t be afraid, because God has a replacement for us. It’s now time for Joshua to take over the promised land".
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Tuesday, 16 June 2009 14:43

Re Launch of Men of Destiny

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Bishop Joe Imakando re launched the men of Destiny ministry on Sunday 14th June. Speaking to the men of the church, Bishop qouted from Genesis 1:26, Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.’

Man is at the center of God’s creation
Have dominion. The Bishop observed that if the men were united, we could have built the Blessing Centre faster than we are doing.

Man is Gods crown of creation
After God created everything He prepared man for the purpose of ruling and to have fellowship with Him. God created man first and out of him he formed the woman. Jesus also came as man. Until men take their place there will be no dominion. 

The Devils strategy is to cut man  from God
• The devil has made man to relax from their position, this has made man to stay away from church
• Men are the heads of households when you cut off the head there is no direction.  
- The enemy will keep us apart (cut us off from fellowship with others). This will make us vulnerable and ineffective

What Does God want men to do?
• Rule: You can’t rule by remote control you have to be present
-God wants us to exercise our dominion.

Fellowship strengthens “Iron sharpens Iron”
-Identifying men with skills and special abilities then connecting with one another
-Be our Brothers keeper (Others have fallen on the way but we have not gone back to lift them)
-We must unite and fight the Devil as one; we must have the desire to move forward

A relevant man to man programme  will only be possible when we stand up and take our place in the church as the heads.

Some of the programs to be under taken:
1. Share ideas: professionally, personally and spiritually
2.  Recreation: Sports, camping, fishing, game viewing
3. Teaching the youths (life skills, counselling)
4. Assist fellow men get back on their feet (failed business, school, and retirees)
5. Special workshops and seminars by experts in various fields

A new leadership committee was constituted with a mandate to set the Men of Destiny ministry on the move.
List of new office bearers 

 Name Position  
 Dr Mwilola Imakando  Chairman
 Dr Kabeta Muleya  Vice Chairman  
 Mr Conrad Sichande Secretary  
 Dr Lawrence Siamuyoba Vice secretary 
 Elder Enerst Sigande  Treasurer     
 Christian Omili  Vice Treasurer  
 Pastor Sinyangwe Member  
 Elder Harod Banda  Member  
 Elder L.K. Bwalya Member  
 Bro Daniel banda Member  

The four districts of Emmasdale church will have sub committees. The chairpersons of each district will be sitting on the main committee.
Be a part of this great ministry! Contact Us

Thursday, 03 January 2013 10:02

Prophetic Crossover & Worship Concert

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More than five thousand people did not want to be left out on God's blessings as they turned up for a well organized worship concert at the Blessing Centre in Emmasdale. The event took place on Monday 31st December 2012 up to the early hours of Tuesday 1st January 2013.

Friday, 28 October 2011 08:26

Pre-Independence Day Salvation

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Sunday 23rd October 2011 was an exciting day as it was a few hours before Zambia's 47 years of independence on October 24 from the colonial masters. To Bread of Life Church International (BLCI), the 23rd was special because 72 people gave their lives to the Lord.

Among the people who answered the alter call was Green Buffaloes Football Club(above) and the women soccer team.



Sunday, 11 May 2014 09:38

Prayer Rally 2014 - Day Five

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The Prayer Rally continues, this is day five, Sunday 11th May 2014. 

Chapter four of the prayer manual, 'Liberty through Prayer'.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 11:51

Prayer Rally 2014

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The Prayer Rally will take place at the Blessing Centre, corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads in Emmasdale, Lusaka, starting from 7th - 10th May 2014.



            Wednesday to  Friday:  17.30hrs - 19.00hrs

            Saturday: 09.00hrs -12.00hrs(Morning Session)

                              14.00hrs - 17.00hrs (Afternoon Session)


Speakers will include the host Bishop Joe Imakando, Pastor Oscar Mumba and Pastor Osagi.


Everyone is welcome for a special time of prayer.






Tuesday, 22 May 2012 08:45

Prayer Rally 2012

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Bread of Life Church International Intercession Ministry will be conducting a Prayer Rally at the Blessing Centre corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads in Emmasdale.


Theme: Provoking Divine Performance Through Prayer

Date: 22 - 27 May 2012



Bishop Joe Imakando (host) - Presiding Bishop for Bread of Life Church

Pastor Victor Uchebulam - Nigeria

Pastor Edgar Mulungushi - Intercession ministry leader

Pastor Oscar Mumba - Youth and Student ministry leader


Time: 17.30 - 19.00hrs


There shall be a performance of God's promises in your life

Isaiah 55.10-11


You are all invited!

Monday, 26 November 2012 11:56

Prayer Rally

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There will be a Prayer Rally at the Blessing Centre, corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads in Emmasdale starting on Wednesday the 28th of November at 17.30hrs to 2nd December 2012. The host is Bishop Joe Imakando and guest speaker will be Pastor Dayo Akintunde from Nigeria.


Come believing God for your miracle: Thanking God for the year ending 2012 and securing the year 2013.


Everyone is welcome! Admission is FREE, FREE, FREE!



Wednesday, 18 May 2011 06:19

Prayer Rally

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Bread of Life Church International will hold a Prayer Rally from 25th to 29th May at Emmasdale Bread of life church.


Wednesday, meetings commences from 08:00hrs to 19:00hrs

Thursday and Friday - 17:30hrs to 19:30hrs

Saturday - 08:00hrs to 19:30hrs.

Theme: Provoking Unprecedented Blessing through Prayer

Prayer is the master key to success, a stranger to prayer is a stranger to power. join us as we stand to pray

Friday, 04 June 2010 12:44

Prayer Rally

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The Bread of Life Church International Prayer Rally was a success. The rally was hosted by the Intercession Ministry led by Pastor Edgar Mulungushi, running from 27th  to 30th June  2010.
The conference with the theme "Prayer your connection to Fruitfulness”, was a time of empowerment to the church as the conference provided knowledge and grace in prayer.

 (left) Pastor Edgar Mulungushi
  (left) Pastor Dayo ministering to the people

Guest speaker Pastor Dayo Akintunde from Nigeria and other men of God including Pastor Oscar Mumba and the Host Pastor Edgar Mulungushi ministered and taught on the dynamics of prayer.

The Pastors also taught on the importance of prayer and how to connect to your fruitfulness by prayer. The conference saw a very good attendance as many came to learn and be empowered for prayer.

Prayer is a tool and a weapon when handled well it is very effective, a praying church is a powerful church anyone who is a stranger to prayer is a stranger to power. In this year of fruitfulness, prayer is the key to our achieving that which God has in store for us.

  Pastor Mulungushi leading new convents to the Lord
  "Fire Praise" in a colorful attire during praise and worship

 The intercession ministry praise team known as the "Fire praise led in awesome praise and worship.

Friday, 21 May 2010 11:08

Prayer Rally

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Bread of Life Church international Intercessory Ministry will be holding a Prayer rally with the theme: Prayer,Your connection to fruitfulness!with guest speaker Pastor Adedayo T Akintunde from Nigeria
From 27th to 30th May 2010 at Emmasdale bread of life Church, Time Thursday and Friday 17:30 to 19:30hrs. come and be connected to the Author of fruitfulness!

The six days of Prayer and Fasting program was concluded with Feet Washing, Holy Communion and the Anointing Service.

Friday, 17 January 2014 12:57

Prayer and Fasting 2014

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This year's Prayer and Fasting Programme will end with a prophetic service in the evening  that will include: Holy Communion, Anointing and feet washing.


This is an important programme for the church and it will be hosted by Bishop Joe Imakando and guest Pastor Dayo Akintunde.


Venue: Blessing Centre, corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads in Lusaka.


Time: 15.30hrs


The congregation is encouraged to participate!


2014: The year of Liberty - Leviticus 25:10





Bread of Life Church International is having a prayer and fasting period from 20th to 24th January 2010. Prayer is key to success and a praying church is a powerful church, hence Bread of Life puts emphasis on prayer and the need to fast.

Host Bishop Joe Imakando opened the prayer session by reading from Psalm 92:12, 'The righteuos will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon.'

During this period there will be prayer services at church. Everyone is expected to take part in this spiritual exercise, Reverend Johnson Tsakpornu from Ghana will lead the church in prayer:


Wednesday to Friday:
Miss breakfast and lunch, have a light meal in the evening.

Prayer sessions at church start from 06.00AM to 07.15AM and 17.30PM – 19.30PM

Prayer sessions at church start from 08.00AM - 16.00PM. Total fast until 16PM.


Bread of Life Church International had an awesome prayer and fasting period which started from 20th to 24th January 2010.
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 08:42

Prayer and Fasting

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There will be Prayer and Fasting starting from Wednesday 18th to 21st January 2012 with guest Pastor Dayo Akintunde. Every Bread of Life member is encouraged to participate in this important programme.


Wednesday to Friday:

Miss breakfast and lunch, have a light meal in the evening.


Prayer sessions at church start from 06.00hrs to 07. 15hrs and 17.30hrs – 19.30hrs


Prayer sessions at church start from 08.00hrs - 16.00hrs


Wednesday, 14 January 2009 06:52

Prayer and Fasting

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The Prayer and Fasting Period has commenced, January 14th to 18th 2009, its being conducted by Bishop Joseph Imakando with guest speaker Rev. Michael Adefarasin of Action Chapel - Benin.

For Prayer points and guidance, read more below:

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