Bishop's Appreciation

Sunday 7th October 2012 was Bishop Imakando’s appreciation, many people turned up to appreciate God’s gift to the church.

Speaking during the appreciation, Chief Elder Herald Banda encouraged Bread of Life Church members to show appreciation, he called it ‘the first fruit thanksgiving’.



Mr. Banda mentioned that Bishop Imakando is a blessing to the body of Christ, he cited examples such as:


The Bishop was in the forefront to build the Blessing Centre in the Emmasdale community which houses a chapel, fellowship halls, auditorium, clinic, bible school, Basic school, studios, gym, banking hall, book store, Cafeteria and general offices.


Despite the 2011 attack, Bishop Joe continued to show love and commitment to the church.


The Bishop was thankful to everyone for their generosity. He thereafter prayed for the congregation and blessed them.

And in his sermon entitled, ‘Power of Leadership’, from Joshua 1:6, the Bishop said leaders are God’s gift to mankind. Everything stands and falls on leadership, it’s critical.


Definition of leadership

Leadership is like a compass that shows the way. A leader imparts people; it is about taking responsibility. A leader cannot be a follower; he or she influences and unites people to achieve something. Has God called you to be a leader? Then take your place or else you will be frustrated. Do not just attend Sunday service, join a house group.


Purpose of leadership

It is not a position for prestige or honor. It is a task, for example, ‘bringing thousand into the kingdom’, in the case of Bread of Life Church.

The purpose of leadership is to bring hope to people, that is to bring change. A leader makes things happen not just promises.

A leader is action oriented; he/she adds value to people's lives.



A certain young lady testified that when she joined Bread of Life she only had one dress. But after hearing Bishop Imakando’s messages, she put them into practice. Later on she was glorifying God and thanking Bishop that now she has a wardrobe full of clothes.


Another was a house girl, after hearing the messages preached by Bishop on Zambia’s National Television, she believed those words and now she testified that she is a supervisor in a certain restaurant.


A leader is result oriented, they are good finishers. They run the race until it is completed. The Bishop challenged church members to take up places of leadership because God works though leaders. It is not a position that makes you to be a leader but it is your function. To be a good leader is a blessing.

We also need to pray for our nation to give us good leaders who will bring about good change. For example, if the Bishop did not answer to the call of being a leader, the Blessing Centre would not have been built.


Bishop Imakando thereafter made an alter call for leaders in the church, he prayed for them and released the mantle of leadership.


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