Faith Explosion Conference 2012

The Faith Conference was held under the theme; IT IS YOUR TIME, at Kitwe Bread of Life branch church on the Copperbelt.

It was four days of feeding on the word of God, profound intercessory prayers, deliverance and anointing, for the shift to another realm of blessings. The meetings were held from 4th to 7th December, 2012.

Bishop Joe Imakando (above), Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu (Ghana), and Pastor Dayo Akintunde (Nigeria) were the speakers together with local pastors.

Pastor Dayo Akintunde leading people in intercessory prayers


Meanwhile, Kitwe Bread of Life overseer, Rev Kangwa Mumba, in his opening remarks, indicated that the conference was set as a time in which God would hear and answer to the cries of His people.

Bishop Gospel Frempong Osei-Tutu (above) praying for people

From left: Bishop Imakando, Rev. Kangwa Mumba, Mrs. Mumba


The Bishop officially opened the conference in the evening and introduced the theme from Ecclesiastes 3:1, ‘There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven’.


The Bishop declared that a moment had come to experience breakthroughs.“It is your time for your marriage, health, business and in many areas of your life.” He said.


This year’s conference attracted close to 2500 people in a modern Kitwe church auditorium.



“My name is Emmanuel Mulenga (above), I am a leader of intercession in BLCI Chililabombwe branch. Last year I attended Faith Explosion 2011 while our Bishop was preaching he declared and said, ‘There is a man here you have been doing the same job without being paid for it for some years. But after this conference you shall receive a letter of promotion’. I stood up and shouted, ‘that’s me Bishop!

And the Bishop responded and said, ‘Go and receive your letter of promotion!’ I received the words of Bishop upon my heart and spirit and I sown a seed for it.


When the conference ended I went home prayed about it and believed God to confirm the word.

In Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) where I work it is not easy for someone to receive a confirmation letter for position of senior staff. I worked as a mine captain for 2 years and 4 months without being on salary. I got frustrated and attempted to resign for three times. But management denied and rejected all three voluntary separation letters.


So a declaration by Bishop in that conference motivated me to go on with my job and I believed that God would do it for me. After the Faith Explosion 2011 had ended, I was patient and waited for the next phase of promotions in April 2012.

We were about ten mine captains who were acting for many years. I was the youngest (28 years old), the other 9 mine captains were over 40 years of age with good experience in mining. When the General Manager assessed us, only two of us were given letters of promotion. The other eight captains complained and said I was just new but how come I received a letter of promotion. In my heart I was saying I received it during the conference through the voice of my Bishop.

In KCM it takes 2 years for management to increase one’s salary after receiving the promotion letter.


Second Testimony

In September 2012 I attended Word Explosion conference in Lusaka. Bishop was calling out the people to pledge for the completion of the Blessing Center. But at that time I had no money and Bishop called me out and said, ‘Where is that man who shouts a big Amen? Come and sow a seed for your season’. I rushed to the alter by faith and got an envelope from the Bishop and he prayed for me and pronounced some blessings. And after that time I was not expecting anything. So I went and borrowed some money from my sister and took the seed to the alter on Sunday evening the last day of the conference.


On Monday early in the morning I went back to the Copperbelt in Chililabombwe and reported for work in the afternoon shift. When I reached my office the secretary from the mine manager called me and gave me a letter. I opened it, and it was written, ‘Your salary has been increased by K 1,000, 000. Then I remembered the words of Bishop Imakando when he said, ‘sow a seed for your season’. This was unexpected to me. I thank God for his grace he has put upon our Bishop that has moved us from the level of glory to another.

Photo Focus

Bishop Imakando declaring blessings to the people

Some of the those who attended the conference

Bishop Imakando preaching during the service

The anointing service

Time to celebrate in the presence of the Lord

Bishop Imakando anointing and praying for the pastors

The Choir

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