A Season of Prayer and Fasting

The prayer and fasting period finally came to an end after believers spent four days of interceding for the church, government among other prayer points. The sessions were conducted in a peaceful atmosphere of God from Wednesday 14 to Saturday 17 January 2009. 

Update Day 4
The nonstop prayer sessions of spiritual warfare, supplication and thanks giving lasted for more than 9 hours on Saturday the - final day. The meeting was so powerful that people desired not to go out for a break until all the prayer points were concluded.
It was a time of asking God for His grace upon the church, Spiritual growth, increase in salvation of souls, branch churches, financial breakthroughs, grace in ministering God’s Word, grace in the Blessing Centre building project and God’s protection upon the nation of Zambia from powers of darkness that would want to oppose His work. And others were for the grace of God to be upon the church leadership to operate by His wisdom.

Bishop Imakando pronounced blessings of fruitfulness upon each congregant during the anointing session he conducted with guest speaker Rev. Michael Adefarasin as a team of intercessors was busy praying whilst standing on the pulpit.

Bishop Imakando assured that the four day successful prayer and fasting period had brought victory to every area that was prayed for. And Bishop with Pastor Bernadette Imakando who never looked exhausted after long hours in a service led the congregation in a five minute of victory celebration dance before the closing of the meeting in the evenings.


That 2009 is a year of manifestation
There will be new manifestation in blessings and holiness
There will be manifestation of fruits of the Spirit
There will be new manifestations of fruitfulness
There will be manifestations of gifts of the Spirit
There will be Manifestation of businesses
There will be Manifestation of completing the Blessing Centre building
There will be Manifestations upon the church leadership
There will be Manifestation of ministries
There will be Manifestation of new plans
There will be new manifestation of finances
There will be Manifestation of new programs
There will be new manifestations in marriages
There will be new manifestation in employment. AMEN

Update Day 3

Friday January 16 the Church auditorium was filled with the presence of God as believers faithfully gathered for the third evening of prayer and fasting program taking place at Bread of Life main Church in Lusaka.

Bishop Joseph Imakando opened the meeting with a word of prayer at 5.30pm before he called to the pulpit a visiting preacher Rev. Michael Adefarasin to begin leading in a series of intercessory prayer points.

Prior to prayers of warfare, Rev. Adefarasin gave a word of exhortation from Luke 1:26-36 where he talked about the significant of 2009 in connection with God’s Numbers, emphasizing, “the year 2009 is a sign that we are in a new season because according to the word of God nine is one of the remarkable biblical numbers that God works on, it signifies completion. It is a last digit in numerical order that speaks of God’s finality or conclusion of the matter. This year (2009) you will see the completion that God has begun in your life.

God will unleash the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit said in 1 Corinthians 12:4-12 and they will take over your life. He never made a mistake for the ninth digit and it’s not by accident that you are in the year 2009. Let us pray to God that in this year (2009) we shall walk with these gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It was in the ninth year that Elizabeth conceived a son in her old age. Whatever prophesy and visions you are carrying, this year they shall be conceived. There is water coming to flow through the desert of your life and a plant will germinate for God is saying, “to every plant there is a harvest”. Rev. Said.
Rev. Adefarasin finally quoted, Ezekiel 12:28, “therefore say to them, says the Lord God, none of my words will be delayed any longer what I say will be fulfilled”, declares the Lord.

And just like the way previous evenings were programmed, Friday's evening prayer and fasting meeting was meant to pray for Church ministries so that there is constant unity, love, growth, spirit of prayer, evangelism, discipleship and revival.

It was also a night of committing Bishop Imakando into God’s hands as he resumes conducting 2009 evangelistic conferences in Zambia and abroad.


Update Day 2

Thursday January 15th was overwhelming as believers gathered in one accord offering intercessory prayers to God for Government departments to perform their duties smoothly.

Guest speaker Rev. Michael Adefarasin gave an exhortation from Genesis 41:25-36 saying, “Wisdom is vital for leaders because it made Joseph a good leader when he walked in corridors of authority as governor of Egypt and he never took it for granted because he realized his position was connected to God.

God has planted different mantles in each one of us. For some, it could be wisdom of Joseph so that people can come up to you to solve their problems, while to others it might be a Nehemiah mantle so that you can bring restoration in the land.
Hence let us cry out in prayer for God to open our minds and discover the wisdom because that is the only thing which can connect us to prosperity.
Though you may pass through hardships, you will be able to shine in times of famine like Joseph, who while in prison solved the problems of Egypt through wisdom when he interpreted the King’s dreams.

Success comes by your ability to solve a problem and every problem is meant to be solved by you. A lawyer is meant to solve legal matters while a doctor solves health problems and a dentist should solve a tooth problem. Life comes with both seasons of prosperity and famine; when you prosper remember to save from your earnings so that when time of famine comes you will be equipped to handle starvation. Joseph’s wise decision of storing up grains for seven years made people to survive the other seven years of famine.

Update Day 1

Above: Bishop Joseph and Pastor Bernadette Imakando during prayer and fasting meeting.

The prayer and fasting meeting begun on Wednesday evening January 14 2009 after fasting from morning . And Bishop Imakando introduced the guest speaker Rev. Michael Adefarasin to lead the congregation into intercessory prayer series.The books of Esther 2:17, Malachi 3:13-16 and Isaiah 53:1 were used as guiding manuscripts for the prayer points.

Rev. Michael Adefarasin

Before entering into prayer series, Rev. Adefarasin spoke about Divine Substitution, emphasizing that, “we are the substitute for Jesus Christ, there is no need then for anyone to accept spirits of despair to ruin their lives because Jesus bore our infirmities, where He took the punishment that has brought us peace and by his wounds we are healed, we should therefore refuse to be grieved because Jesus has carried our sorrows to the cross. Let us speak for the turnaround of every situation for the miracles of God to dwell in our lives”.

Above: Prayers of agreement by holding one’s hands and prophesy into one's life.

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