2018 Word Explosion Conference - What Happens when God Visits

01 September 2018
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WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOD VISITS by Reverend Blankson Habakkuk 1:1-4 God visits for several reasons. Two major reasons are to bring judgement or to impart a blessing. Habakkuk was a prophet who had a burden for the nation of Israel. Habakkuk had a burden to see justice in his nation. Habakkuk prayed and cried to see transformation in his nation but things never seemed to change. God seemed to have remained silent. Why God Remains Silent: (i)To bring us to a place of maturity. There are certain blessings God will not give you until you are mature in character. James 1:2,3 tells us that the trying of our faith produces perseverance which in turn leads to maturity. (ii)To bring us to an appointed time. Psalm 105:19. Joseph faced trials and temptations but God was always with him until he brought him to his appointed time. (iii)To bring His glory to full manifestation. John 9:1, John 11. The delay was to bring forth God's glory. God responded to Habakkuk by showing him how things would unfold - Habakkuk 1:5.

Elizabeth Mpundu
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