What a Prophetic 2018 Word Explosion Conference

05 September 2018
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The 2018 Word Explosion Conference attracted thousands of delegates across the nation of Zambia and beyond from 31st August to 4th September 2018.

The theme for the conference was dubbed, ‘Destined to Take Over’ – in relationships, ministry, business and education.

Bishop Joe Imakando hosted the well attended annual conference at the Blessing Centre in Emmasdale with guest speakers Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop Archibald Cole Apostle Enock Sitima, Reverend Blankson and the local Bread of Life pastors such as Reverend Peter Lungu and Reverend Samson Thole.  And the guest gospel artist was James Okon.

During the conference, workshops were tailored to meet the exact needs of the people. Workshops included the Youth, Girl Child, Music (Praise Team), Professionals, Missions, Men and women respectively.

And on Sunday 2nd September 2018 was a very memorable occasion as Bread of Life Church International celebrated the 40th Anniversary in ministry for Presiding Bishop, Bishop Joe Imakando. The celebrations took place the Blessing Centre in Emmasdale, Lusaka.

The attendance was overwhelming as thousands both young and old, men and women, the clergy and the Zambian government congratulated Bishop Imakando.

Others, also recognized Bishop Joe Imakando’s wife Reverend Bernadette Imakando for being such an unquestionable support to the bishop.

On behalf of his brothers and the entire Imakando family, Caleb Imakando, Bishop Joe Imakando first born son also appreciated their dad for being available to them despite his busy schedules and  providing for them.  

In attendance was minister of Justice, honourable Given Lubinda, Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs honourable Godfridah Sumaili, Apostle Enock Sitima, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza, Bishops, Bread of Life Chief Elder H. Banda, Council of Elders, Reverends, pastors and distinguished invited guests.

Many organizations, Christian mother bodies, the clergy, individuals have testified about Bishop Joe Imakando’s consistency, simplicity, good leadership, wisdom a fatherly heart and a good number of virtues.

Speaking during Bishop Imakando’s 40 year celebrations, honourable minister of Justice Given Lubinda alluded to the fact that Bishop Imakando has been outstanding, a source of hope and inspiration, a selfless leader and servant of God who has relentlessly dedicated his life to serving God in this nation and beyond.

And Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza spoke on the fact that, 'Bishop Joe Imakando is focused in the calling, dedicated in the service and has been consistent on emphasizing the scripture, uncompromising in character, preaching with clarity and rare wisdom, depicting personal relationship with the Lord.

Bishop Imakando has shown simplicity to everyone which is an attribute of servant hood. He teaches what is right in terms of doctrine also through a widely watched television programme called the Hour of Blessing. The programme reaches everyone who have testified of prospered job, restored marriages, souls being saved and businesses growing, all this is on the teachings of the cross. People do not need to go far because the bishop is around to learn from.'

Bread of Life Church Chief Elder on behalf of Bread of Life church family, Elder Banda, stated that Bishop Joe Imakando is a man of Integrity who willingly accepted the call of God. The chief elder mentioned that despite the 40years not being rosy, as he had to sacrifice personal comfort for the sake of the vision, the bishop kept having faith in God.

The 2018 Word Explosion Conference ended on the 4th of September with thousands of delegates testifying of the goodness of the Lord.

The following were the message titles preached during the just ended 2018 Word Explosion Conference:

  • A night before your season of taking over-Reverend Peter Lungu
  • A Season of Divine Visitation-Bishop Joe Imakando
  • Breaking through into harvest collection [07 00hrs]-Apostle Enock Sitima
  • Change that changes you-Apostle Enock Stima
  • Dealing with serpentine spirit for taking over [Part2]-Archibald Cole
  • Dealing with serpentine spirit for taking over-Archibald Cole
  • It's Your turn-Bishop Tudor Bismak
  • Money Management-Bishop Tudor
  • Professional-workshop
  • Stretch-Bishop Tudor Bismak
  • Taking Over by Choice-Reverend Samson Thole
  • Taking over by operating in immortal realm-Bishop Archibald Cole
  • The Art & the science of vision-Bishop Tudor Bismak
  • The law of Expression-Apostle Enock Sitima
  • What happens When God Visits-Reverend Oral Reverend Blankson

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Elizabeth Mpundu
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How can one become a Member of BLCI?
To start with, one has to give his or her life to the Lord that is to be born again. After this, one has to through a foundation class which basically aims at grounding the newly born again believer to the basic Christian principles. On completion, of the foundation class one goes through the waters of baptism after which one qualifies to be a member of Bread of Life Church International and will then be encouraged to join one of the many ministries the church has.
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Bread of Life Church is affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, which fellowship was established in 1964 for the purpose of providing fellowship among the evangelical missionaries serving in Zambia.
When was Bread of Life Church founded?
Bread of Life Church International was founded on 13th September 1992 with a vision of bringing thousands into the kingdom of God. The church, then located on plot 136 Chinyunyu road in Emmasdale had a congregation of 120.
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Bishop Imakando is currently the Presiding Bishop of Bread of life Church International. He also happens to be the founder of Bread of Life Church in August 1992, when while in Lagos Nigeria God gave him the vision that led to the birth of Bread of life Church International.

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