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17 December 2008
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Bishop Joseph Imakando had a business discussion with business persons at North Western Chamber of Commerce in Solwezi on Sunday December 7th 2008, where he was invited to meet business Christian men and women.

During the discussion, Bishop Imakando advised Christian business persons to observe ethical norms, principals and values of Christianity whenever they were conducting business.
Quoting from Deuteronomy 8:18, “remember that it’s the Lord your God who gives the power to become rich”. Bishop added that it is God who gives wealth.“As children of God maintain integrity and transparency in your business ventures, corrupt business will never last for a long time. It’s better for you to prosper bit by bit, than to acquire fast and unclean money.” Bishop advised.

And answering to a question about how believers could conduct their business in a Christian nation? Bishop Imakando responded that a nation could only be called a Christian nation if only people who were involved were Christians.
"As believers we have to lead by example, consider integrity in pricing. The pricing system in Zambia is very high. Business persons make super profits. As believers don’t make exploited prices. Also give good wages to your employees, avoid slave wages. Don’t envy those who acquire wealth by scrupulous means. Just maintain discipline in your business”.

Mean while, when answering to another question, global financial crisis, where is God?
Bishop said the financial crisis was due to greediness by mankind, and that God was not the source of the problem. Bishop assured that many nations in Africa would not feel much effects of financial crisis being experienced in America.

He further advised that, “when you see a project at hand, as a believer look for an opportunity in it, find your share. Jacob after he worked for Laban for 14 years, he thought of running his own affairs. When you start your business you will be your own boss. Business is about risk taking”.

And when answering to another question on the causes of poor performance of businesses managed by black people as compared to that by white people? Bishop responded, that colour of skin had nothing to do with poor running of businesses. He attributed this to lack of running businesses without principles.
“The problem is that when a black man has money, they want to spend it on luxury things. Be cautious of your expenditure from the profits you are making." The other thing that can support smooth running of business by black people is by soliciting for joint ventures where you put up your capital together. Also keep records in your business affairs.

And as Christian business individuals you should be able to donate to charities, according to Proverbs 11:24-25, it’s another way of blessings.

We need to change our mentality towards business. Then we will be a people who shall make a difference”. Bishop advised
Elizabeth Mpundu
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