Covenant Partners Cocktail Party

03 February 2009
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The Blessing Centre Building project Covenant Partners converged for the cocktail party organized by the Building Project Committee on Sunday February 1, 2009 at the Southern Sun Ridgeway hotel in Lusaka.

The come together party, whose attendance had demonstrated a positive turnout, was meant to allow Covenant Builders to have a light moment together and get updates on the progress achieved at the Blessing Center Building site.  

And when presenting a 2008 update report on the progress made from the building project, Bishop Joseph Imakando (left) started with appreciating the Covenant Partners for faithfully honoring their pledges.

Bishop Imakando gratefully told the Covenant Partners that they had faithfully displayed a substantial amount of commitment towards the building project which had seen it to advance.

“This afternoon my task is to thank you for honoring the covenant you had made to support the Blessing Center  building project. You have  been consistence in giving, praying for the project and entrusting us with such a responsibility. You have also been playing a critical role by providing monthly incomes.

It is my privilege to report that in 2008, we had completed 90% of mounting  up concrete columns on the first floor to suit standard heights specified in the structural drawings. We had also made progress in partitioning the ground floor.

We engaged a structural engineer from South Africa to provide us with roofing design options. Meanwhile a civil engineer, a fabricator  and line surveyors had visited the project site in November 2008.” Bishop reviewed.

The Bishop also emphasized the need for Covenant Partnership despite being in a small group. When he gave an illustration from the bible about Gideon whom God used to defeat a large Medianite army with just few soldiers, the Bishop said few people could do exploits than a large number.

“In Judges 7:1-8, when Gideon was faced with a Medianite army numbering to 135,000 while his army amounted to 32,000, a ratio of 1 to 4, God reduced Gideon’s army from 32,000 to 300 men, a reduction of 99%. God decided to work with a few in order to give victory to Gideon. And it happened that the 300 men defeated a Medianite army.

Often times, God brought deliverance by using a few number of people - Jonathan is another example who defeated a garrison of philistines with his armour bearer. God often uses a few committed people – who will sacrifice. In most cases, He gives resources to the few - You are the few ones He has chosen to build the Blessing Centre”. Said Bishop.

The Bishop also assured that, God willing, this year (2009), the Blessing Centre building project shall be completed. He therefore urged the covenant partners to recommit their pledges.

“With God all things are possible - as we begin this year (2009), the task of completing the house of God requires your support. I am appealing that you renew your pledges, in what I believe will be the final year - of fruitfulness.

I trust that you will rise to the challenge and be part of the few that God will use to complete His house.

I thank you once more for your support. May God prove to be your source and bless you abundantly”. Bishop said.

And the Covenant Partners had made fresh pledges for the year 2009 after they filled in new pledge slips. 

Meanwhile, during testifying time, one of the covenant partners elder Ernest Sigande testified that from the time he started giving to the building project, God had blessed him that he had built ten houses.

Elder Sigande's testimony has fulfilled Bishop's usual emphasis that whoever will be committed to the Blessing Centre Building project , God will also build their houses among other things.    


Elizabeth Mpundu
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