Easter Celebrations 2009

15 April 2009
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The “Easter Conference” began with the power of God from Friday to Monday, April 10th to 13th, 2009 at the main church in Lusaka. In the conference, Bishop Joe Imakando explained that the gathering was meant to celebrate Jesus whom God gave to the world two thousand years ago as a supreme gift.  
Bishop Imakando invited two prolific and anointed guest speakers, Rev. Johnson Tsakapornu from Ghana


and Pastor Ned Nedziwe of Zimbabwe. These servants of God blessed the church with different biblical revelations.

No doubt for people who attended this Easter celebration that the Word of God which came to them prevailed and they were filled with the knowledge of the glory of God. Some people in the congregation after being touched by what were preached, donated vehicles and others money to support the work at the Blessing Centre building project.

Bishop Imakando with the two guest speakers (insert below table: Apostle Johnson, left & Rev Ned) including local pastors, during the first service on Friday, in what was called Altar service, spent time praying for the masses of people who encircled the pulpit in order to attract the attention of God in their lives, so that he could elevate them to a higher dimension.
Surely it was during the time of Easter that Jesus took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, in this case every session of the conference was banded with prayers of deliverance for the blood of Jesus Christ to cover those who were vexed with various infirmities so that they were healed and be connected to the prophetic voices of God spoken to them.

Pastor Johnson thanked Bishop Imakando for inviting him to speak at the conference, saying the ministry he received from Bread of Life Church would impact him at his newly established church in Ghana. And Pastor Nedziwe who only preached bible based wealth creation sermons also thanked Bishop Imakando for according him with such an opportunity.

This year’s Easter conference was celebrated in style as it coincided with the 10th graduation ceremony for the school of ministry who were awarded with diploma certificates by Bishop Imakando during Sunday 12th evening service.

After certificate and prize presentations, Bishop Imakando admonished the graduates that ministry was an invitation from God.

Bishop Imakando who is school of ministry president, quoted Ezekiel 1:28, 2:1-10, 3:1-3, from which he said many people enrol for the school ministries with different reasons.

“Ministers of the word are not made from bible schools, because they are only called by God”. The Bishop said. With a sermon titled “The Call of Ezekiel,” the Bishop continued, “When God has called you [for ministry] you will acquire a desire to serve him, after which he will give you a mandate on what to do [for your ministry], where and how to do it”. The Bishop said.

The Bishop told the graduates that as one was called by God for ministry, he would also give them with spiritual gifts. “When God has called you for ministry, he will give you a word, either to specialise in preaching about prosperity or deliverance. So don’t compare preachers because each one of them has been given specific spiritual gifts”. The Bishop said for one to minister fervently, God had to first empower them with the Holy Spirit.

“The prophet Ezekiel was first empowered by the Holy Spirit with the ability to preach. In Acts 10:38 we are also told that God anointed Jesus for ministry with the Holy Spirit and power to heal and preach”. The Bishop emphasized.

The Bishop also said that ministry was not a garden of roses for it comes with tribulations to endure. “But don’t be afraid of them [people you will preach to]. God told Ezekiel that, ‘Though they are like thorns and scorpions, don’t be afraid of them’. Because when they sting, you will still recover”. The Bishop said.

The Bishop continued, “And no one will stand with you [when tribulation comes] except the Lord. For God provides for those he has called. As he has called you, he will give you the grace to minister. Then heaven and earth will endorse you” the Bishop said.

Elizabeth Mpundu
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