Women Celebrate their National Conference

07 July 2010
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There was rejoicing at Emmasdale church in Lusaka when the women convened for their annual National Conference.

This year’s women’s conference was colourful and was attended by several women from all the provinces of Zambia and abroad under the theme, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY, from Genesis 1:28.

And Pastor (Mrs) Bernadette Imakando (l) together with the Women of Integrity leadership welcomed all the delegates from within and outside Lusaka.
The women congregated from 2nd to 5th July 2010 with expectations for God to impart them with anointing for fruitfulness. Be it spiritual growth, marriages, ministries, health, finances, leadership, business and everything that were of concern.
The word was preached by Rev. Isaac Zulu (Bread of Life, Solwezi branch), Pastor Godfridah Sumaili (Chairperson: Women of Integrity, Zambia), Rev. Dorothea Hagin (Jesus House Revival Tabernacle, Accra Ghana), Bishop Nelly Chikwanda (New Life Ministries International, Ndola) and Pastor Emelia Nkonde (Great commission Bible Church, Lusaka.). These anointed women were used by God to open a platform for spiritual uplifting as they preached on various subjects.   

 Rev. Zulu
  Pastor Sumaili
  Rev. Dorothea   Bishop Chikwanda  Pastor Nkonde
Meanwhile, Bishop Joe Imakando came in the women’s conference to deliver more blessings on the last day of the conference, upon arriving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where he was ministering at the Three Days of Power Conference in Lubumbashi.     
And as soon as he entered the Emmasdale church auditorium, he was greeted with a round of applause. A group of Pastors’ wives presented gifts in great celebrations to the Bishop and Pastor (Mrs) Imakando.
The Bishop also expressed gratitude for the smooth organisation of an event by the women. He also testified on how God had used him in DRC. He mentioned that Bread of Life DRC has progressed.
When concluding the women’s conference, the Bishop quoted from 1 Kings 17:7-16 with a message titled: FRUITFULNESS THROUGH SACRIFICE. He reaffirmed God’s prophetic word that 2010 is the year of fruitfulness, and challenged the women to tirelessly work for God in order to be fruitful.
The Bishop said supporting God’s work can trigger a miracle. He gave examples of a widow at Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:7-16. A Shunamite woman in 2King 8:1-6, a boy who sacrificed five loaves and two fish in John 6:1-13, and in John 12:1-7 where a woman rendered God’s service by taking a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume and poured it on Jesus’ feet.
The Bishop added that God released an increase when those people gave what they had in possession.
“The woman who was chosen by God to give food to Elijah was just a widow. She was a single parent with one child and struggled to take care of her needs”. The Bishop explained.


The Bishop asked, “Were there no women, rich and famous in the city? He continued, “But that was the person God picked on to feed the man of God”. God still commands you to support His work, even if you may think to yourself that you can’t give from the little you have.  You are the people God wants to use. So don’t resist sacrificing for Him”. The Bishop emphasised by quoting Proverbs 11:24 that a man who gives freely gains even more but the one who withholds unduly comes to poverty.
“You must stand by a prophetic word you have heard from here. It’s not an accident that you are in a big conference which has addressed issues of change. You are here by God’s plans. I want to let you know that God is going to use you to do incredible things when you go back to your branch churches”. The Bishop stressed.
The Bishop further said when one gives sacrificially to God from the little; it’s an act of faith that brings honour to God.
The Bishop also referred to a testimony of a lady in London who gave a sacrificial offering and God performed a twenty-four hour miracle. “In the month of May, I was in London preaching at Rev. Hagins church. There was a young lady, school of Law graduate who needed 9000 Pounds as exam fees for admission to the Bar. She tried to apply for employment but could not find a job.  So she just decided to be giving free services to a Law Firm. On Sunday after I preached, she gave a sacrificial offering. Then on Monday, when she went for work, her boss called her and gave her a cheque of 1000 Pounds.  The boss also told her that they were going to give her the 9000 Pound.s The Bishop adds, “When your gift moves you, it also moves God. As women you will only grow when you reach the level of sacrificing for God”. The Bishop said.
The Bishop concluded the women’s conference by admonishing that Elijah declared a word of fruitfulness to the widow that the jar of flour would not be used up and the jug of oil would not run dry until the day the Lord gave rain on the land.
“God is looking for women who can be available to give what they have so that He may release an increase in them. Under this anointing, I prophesy that this year you are breaking through”. The Bishop declared.  



Emmasdale Pastors and Pastors' wives from branch churches

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