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Word Explosion Cnference 2015

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Date: 28th August to 1st September, 2015

Venue: Bread of Life Church Int Blessing Centre, Corner of Vubu & Lumumba Roads Emmasdale Lusaka

Time: Friday 28th August, 17:30hrs, Saturday to Tuesday, 08:00hrs to 13:00hrs

 (Morning Sessions), 14:00hrs to 20:00hrs (Afternoon & Evening sessions)

For more details

Tel: 0211 244490, 0211 220188, 0977 422968, 0977 784936

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  website

It's time for you to encounter 3 Days of New Beginnings with host Bishop Joe Imakando and guest Bishop John Francis at the Blessing Centre, corner of Vubu and Lumumba Roads, Emmasdale, Lusaka.

Date: 10th to 12th July 2015.

Time: Friday 10th - 17.30hrs, Saturday - 16.00hrs, Sunday - 07.00hrs, 09.30hrs and 16.30hrs

  • Encounter New Levels
  • Encounter New Ministry
  • Encounter New Business
  • Encounter New Relationships

Registration is FREE!

The PRAYER RALLY will commence from 17th to 21st June 2015  at the Blessing Centre, corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads, Emmasdale, Lusaka.

With host Bishop Joe Imakando, at 17.30hrs. Pastor Oscar Mumba will also be leading the sessions.

Wednesday to Friday: 05.30hrs to 7.00hrs (mornings), 17.30hrs to 19.30hrs (evenings)

Saturday: 06:00hrs

Sunday: 15:00hrs

Come believing God for Prevailing Prayer in the year of New Beginnings, James 5:16.  

The business breakfast was held at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka on 5th June 2015 during the Two Days of New Beginnings.

Bishop Joe Imakando hosted the conference and welcomed guest speaker Pastor Matthew Ashimololowo.

Others invited to these special meetings included, Bishop Dr. Alfred Kalembo (President Christian Council of Zambia), Apostle Mwale (High Temple), Bishop Makabakano (Church of Christ Deliverance), Rev. and Mrs Randy (Light House), ZAMTEL, Media Impact and other organisations.

Pastor Ashimolowo, spoke on leadership:

Africa is poised for greatness; Africa is about to take its place and make a difference, the globe is now turning and its Africa’s time. The nation of Zambia will therefore make a difference and touch many generations.     

The challenge of Africa is leadership and its poor systems!

As Africa, we need to build leadership, economic and human capacity, then will it happen for our continent.
What is leadership?

It is a function not an office.

A leader stays ahead of the pact to bring them to an intended destination. What distinguishes leaders is the ability to direct people and bring them into a purpose and achievement.

Even in church, you can titles without leadership; everything rises and falls on leadership. Leaders are driven by an inner value and perceived goals. They set new directions for organizations and nations they led and the group which God has put them in.

Leadership is about foreseeing the future and causing others to follow you. Good leaders know how to paint a good picture of the future and make people go there.

Outstanding Marks of an irreplaceable leaders in church, business of nation:

1.    They are risk takers

Risk is the capacity to go where nobody has been, its moving away from the comfort zone. It’s the capacity to see a possibility and start a process that leads that conclusion.

2.    They are change agents
They touch lives and move from a world people have always known.

3.    Discover and develop other talents
These are leaders who develop the coming generations

4.    They take chances
Do something and get out of the comfort zone  

5.    Diplomatic warriors
How do you apply this warfare?

  • Attentive listening
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Showing empathy
  • Politeness
  • Honesty
  • Read other people’s opinion
  • Have something you can give back
  • Maximizing an opportunity that comes your way
  • Protecting what God has given you
  • Learning to deal with the opposition and yet not destroying them

6.    Enforces Change
People who see what others don’t see and say that I will make it possible, if given an opportunity I will make it happen.

Characteristics of enforcers of change:

  • Impact those around them decisions they make
  • Carry out uncommon initiative not allowing opposition and disappointments to hinder them
  • Their motive is not necessarily personal achievement or personal appreciation or endorsement.


    Oswald Chanda, is a qualified teacher in History,a bachelor’s holder from the University of Zambia. Brother Chanda believed the word Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo spoke concerning the youths of Zambia last year (2014), that they shall from companies that will be talked about throughout the world.

Later on in that same year, Oswald’s book arrived in Zambia entitled, ‘Encyclopedia of Zambian Names’, the book contains 7,000 names from all the ten provinces in Zambia.

The Zambia Daily Mail newspaper and a UK journal published the review of the journal.

Mr. Tembo , a former professor at the University of Zambia and researcher in a similar project,  who is now base in United States, recommended Chanda’s book that it should used  as a reference in all universities around the world.

Other PHD lectures have also approved the book to be taught at Masters level and they consult Chanda over the book.

In 2014 the University of Zambia bought several copies of his book to be used in the library.

Later on, Oswald donated copies to the Departments of Literature and History.

In addition some bookstore stores are confirming that it is one of the fastest selling books.

And paramount chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people in Zambia congratulated Oswald for the book and assured the team that he would add more names in the next edition.

Senior Chief of the Lunda and Deputy of the Mwatayamvo was also happy with the book.

Oswald Chanda is involved in the distribution of books in Southern Africa and America.

Furthermore, Chanda’s company, Pensulo Publishers has been approved to publish many other books.

The Two Days of New Beginnings was held at the Blessing Centre, corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads, in Emmasdale, Lusaka.
The conference began on 4th - 5th June 2015 and attracted thousands of people both within Zambia and beyond.

On the first day Pastor Matthew spoke on a message entitled, 'A season of New Beginnings', Isaiah 42.9, Isaiah 43.18 -21.

NEW means: unused, unusual, uncommon...
This year: shame shall not be your portion, new doors will open, you will hear good news, God will expand you, joy and goodness shall follow you. (Psalm 71.2, Psalm 102.13, Rev. 3.8, Luke 1.37, Proverbs25.26, Isaiah 60.22).

Pastor Ashimolowo blessed the people with the 50 BLESSINGS IN THEIR LIVES:

- Favour

- Reward

- Lifting

- Promotion

- Harvest

- Restoration

- Barrier breaker

- Peace of mind

- Fruitfulness

- Fulfillment of dreams

- Thanksgiving in your house

- Divine selection

- Advertisement

- Recognition

- You shall be remembered

- Receive unusual help

- Mercy, joy, gladness, happiness, new ideas, project completion, testimonies etc

The second day of the conference, Pastor Mathew encouraged the congregation on, 'Grace for Breakthrough', 1Cor. 15.10.

He stated that Grace makes difficult things become easy, when grace comes on you, you receive favour from God. Grace will also give you long life, Genesis 6:3

God will give you your own divine ideas, John 1:16 (MSG)

In both sessions, Pastor Ashimolowo prayed for the sick and had words of knowledge for various individuals.

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Overseers and Pastors Retreat

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The Pastor's Retreat took place at the Blessing Centre, Emmasdale Lusaka with over 100 in attendance.

Presiding Bishop Joe Imakando hosted the retreat for Bread of Life Church reverends and pastors from 28th April - 1st May 2015.

Guest speaker Bishop Boniface Shonga also had a session with the pastors.

And on the last day of the retreat, an anointing service was conducted as evidenced by the move of the Holy Spirit.

The Two Days of New Beginnings with Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo will take place from 5th-6th June 2015 at the Blessing Centre corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads in Emmasdale, Lusaka, Zambia.

New Beginnings:

  • In your Spiritual life
  • In your Business
  • In your Employment
  • In your ministry 
  • And in any area of your life

Special Business Breakfast:

Date: 5th June 2015

Venue: Hotel Intercontinental, Lusaka

Time: 07:00hrs

Tickets: Available at the Blessing Centre

Tel: +260 211 244490/92, +260 977 422 968, +260 977 784 936



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Mongu Three Days of Power Conference

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Bishop Joe Imakando visited Mongu Bread of Life Church on an Apostolic mission in the Western province of Zambia. 

The conference started from 10th - 12th April 2015.

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A Touch of Faith

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Mark 5: 25-34
‘And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had sent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse. When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, because she thought, if I just touch his clothes, I will be healed. Immediately he bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.

At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and asked, who a touched me clothes.

You see the people crowding against you, his disciples answered, and yet you can ask, who touched me?

But Jesus kept looking around to see who had done it. Then the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell at his feet trembling with fear, told him the whole truth. He said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering’.

The woman had triumphant faith over her sickness. It does not matter how long you have suffered, with God all things are possible.

The Bishop shared a testimony of a brother who interpreted for him in Mongu Western province of Zambia. The man and his wife were barren for 19years. But the faith the man had in Jesus made things to turn around - the wife conceived. Time is not a factor with God.

The problem of the woman

She had continuous bleeding which made her unclean. The woman refused to die.

In this world, HIV is not a death sentence, you can live a positive life for a long time.

The woman’s effort to seek healing    
She traveled many places and spent all she had but the problem became worse. However, this woman kept her hope alive, even as Christians we should believe that one day, you will get a job, be healed, graduate from college/university, have a baby, get married and your story will change.

One day she heard about Jesus

There is healing, salvation, deliverance in Jesus. The woman believed in Jesus for healing.

She had faith:
- She heard God’s word
- Believed in Him
- Released her faith

There was a certain crippled man who went to attend a miracle crusade and promised everyone that he would come back walking. None the less, the crusade finished and this man was in the same condition.

When the villagers came back, they all ran to testify of their miracles and left this man alone in the car. Upon realizing that there was nobody to help him come out of the car, he tried to stretch his legs and to his amazement the legs began to grow, he also managed to walk and went to testify to the others that God had healed.
This man believed that he would come back walking and it happened to the Glory of God.

The woman with the issue of blood sought for Jesus, she touched Him with faith. God honors faith, without faith it is impossible to please God.  

Jesus said, who touched me?   
The woman came forward and Jesus said, your faith has made you well.


Three women went to Bishop Imakando’s home with a very sick woman from the hospital. These women believed that if only the bishop could lay hands on her she would be well. Bishop Imakando prayed for this woman and believed God for her healing.
A few months later, the woman came running to bishop to testify that she was the woman who was dying, but due to the prayers, God came through for her and was able to move on her own, she was healed.

The bishop then began to glory God for what He had done for her.

Your faith is going to release your miracle, faith does not look at the problem.  It is possible for you to have a baby, finish school, be healed, get a get/scholarship, get married, even for your spiritual life and finances to grow.

All things are possible with God – if only you believe


Another woman was healed of fibroid because of her faith in God.

The woman with the issue of blood refused to die, she took her problem to Jesus, look to Jesus - all things are possible.  

The Explosive Easter conference took place at the Blessing Centre in Emmasdale from 3rd – 6th April 2015.
Thousands attended the conference and many encountered New Beginnings in their Spiritual, relationships, marriages, studies, jobs, businesses and many areas of people’s lives.

The host Bishop Joe Imakando, guests Apostle Symon Kariuki, Rev. Chimwemwe Chiwaka preached on the following messages:

  • The Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross, Part 1 & 2 (Luke 23)
  • The Cross A symbol of New Beginnings (Mathew 27:38-55)
  • The Cross A Weapon of Spiritual Warfare (Colossians 2:15, Mathew 27:38-44)
  • The Altar of Judgment (Exodus 23:14-25)
  • Apostolic Altar (Mathew 27:28-45, Ephesians 2:14-20)
  • The Sin God hates the most (Exodus 20:3-5)
  • Your Dead Situation shall live (Ezekiel 37:1-10)
  • Be Fruitful (Genesis 1:28)
  • The Wood, the Knife, the Sacrifice and the Sacrificer
  • Closing Altars of Affliction - Fighting Fire with Fire

To order any one of these messages, kindly visit the book store or +260 211 244490

During the conference, many people answered the call to salvation, while others dedicated their lives to the Lord.

And hundreds of people went through deliverance on Monday during the prayer and intercession service.

Marriage Dedication
The Marriage Dedication service took place on Sunday 5th April 2015 during the Easter Explosion Conference with four couples dedicating their marriages to the Lord.
Marriage Dedications offers an opportunity to people whose marriages were not blessed in church to dedicate their marriage to God and make a promise to God and between themselves in terms of vows.

In attendance was Presiding Bishop Joe Imakando,  Pastor Bernadette Imakando, Former Chief Justice Ms. Lombe Chibesakunda, senior marriage counselors Elder and Mrs. Mutwale, Council of Elders, Pastors, relatives to the couples and members of Bread of Life Church.

Some of the topics taught during the class include:

Finances, in-laws, HIV/AIDS, communication, prayer, studying the word of God, children, intimacy, to mention but a few.

The chairperson for Couples/Marriage fellowship, Elder Chilambwe encouraged the couples to look to God both in good and hard times.

And Bishop Imakando read Colossians 3.18-19 and had this to say to husbands:

  • Bless your wife as a priest of the house
  • Provide leadership
  • Love her
  • Affirm her
  • Be faithful to her
  • Meet her needs

And to the wives:

  • Admire him
  • Be a wife not a knife
  • Respect him
  • Be there for him
  • Think positively of your husband, concentrate on his strengths
  • Attend to his needs
  • Be humorous

In addition, the bishop implored the couples to forget what they went through in the past and start afresh.
The Bishop thereafter prayed for the couples and presented them with certificates.     

Mr. and Mrs. Banda testified to the glory of God that they were grateful for the wisdom and knowledge they have received from Bishop Imakando and the entire leadership of the Couples Ministry.
During the dedication class they learnt that it’s important to forgive your partner, learn to love, communicate, share resources, pray together, to mention but a few.

And the Vote of Thanks was given by Mr. and Mrs. Chibesakunda, who thanked the church and their families for the love, patience and leadership shown to them.

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Easter Explosion 2015

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Bread of Life church International will be holding an Easter Explosion 2015 conference from the 3rd to the 6th of April 2015.

Bishop Joe Imakando preached a powerful message entitled, 'IT IS OUR TIME'. He later led more than 5000 people that attended the prophetic all night concert at the Blessing Centre to confessions and making declarations for the new year 2013.

The year 2015 was declared the year of 'New Beginnings', by Presiding Bishop Joe Imakando on the eve of 31st December 2014.The bishop read Isaiah 43:18-19, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland"

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2015: The Year of New Beginnings

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Bread of Life Church New Year's Eve 2014 comprised of praise, worship and sharing of God’s word at the Jubilee Crossover concert. Thousands of people filled the Blessing Centre auditorium as they welcomed 2015 under the theme, ‘The Year of New beginnings’

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Baby Dedication Service

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There was baby dedication on Sunday 21st July 2013 at the Blessing Centre, corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads in Emmasdale.

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Faith Explosion Conference 2014

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Bishop Joe Imakando hosted the Faith Explosion Conference in Kitwe dubbed: Total Liberty. The guest minister was Rev. Haruna Goroh from Namibia - Greater Love Ministries.

The Joshua Generation International Youth Camp closed with an overnight dubbed" Divine Visitation." The Camp was more prophetic after Bishop Joe Imakando graduated the youths into the Joshua Generation and challenged them to take over and possess the land during this year of Jubilee.

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Jubilee Crossover Concert to 2015

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Bread of Life Church International announces a Jubilee Crossover Concert to 2015 that will be held on the 31st of December 2014.

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Men of Destiny ministers to inmates

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The Bread of Life Church International Men of Destiny ministry visited Chimbokaila prison in Lusaka on Saturday 25th May 2013 where over 1,000 inmates gathered to hear the love of Jesus Christ and about 500 gave their lives to the Lord.

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Important Notices and dates for 2013

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Bread of Life Church International invite you to mark your calendars and take note of the following important dates so that you can participate fully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one become a Member of BLCI?
To start with, one has to give his or her life to the Lord that is to be born again. After this, one has to through a foundation class which basically aims at grounding the newly born again believer to the basic Christian principles. On completion, of the foundation class one goes through the waters of baptism after which one qualifies to be a member of Bread of Life Church International and will then be encouraged to join one of the many ministries the church has.
What organization is BLCI Affiliated to?
Bread of Life Church is affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, which fellowship was established in 1964 for the purpose of providing fellowship among the evangelical missionaries serving in Zambia.
When was Bread of Life Church founded?
Bread of Life Church International was founded on 13th September 1992 with a vision of bringing thousands into the kingdom of God. The church, then located on plot 136 Chinyunyu road in Emmasdale had a congregation of 120.
Who is the Presiding Bishop of BLCI?
Bishop Imakando is currently the Presiding Bishop of Bread of life Church International. He also happens to be the founder of Bread of Life Church in August 1992, when while in Lagos Nigeria God gave him the vision that led to the birth of Bread of life Church International.

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